by Chamber Staff

Septic Tank Systems (STS) this year celebrates is 35th year in business in the Fennville area. Handed down from father Bob Busscher to son Bill in 1995, this family business is headquartered just west of downtown Fennville on M-89.

Bob and Ruth Busscher purchased the Ed Sisson and Son business in 1971 after selling their first septic business, Busscher Septic Tank Service in Holland, which they operated from early 1950 til 1965.

Their son Bill started working part time at STS during his senior year in high school and went full time after graduating in 1972. Bill and his wife Sandi purchased the business in 1995 with Bill running operations and Sandi managing the office. Their two children, Tyler and Ashley have also worked at the family business in various capacities. Currently, Tyler is a sophomore majoring in business at Grand Valley State University. Sandi hints that there's a 'strong possibility' that Tyler will be the third generation Busscher to run the business. Ashley is a freshman at Grand Valley State University majoring in elementary education.

While some may say that the septic tank business isn't the most glamorous field to be in, no one would deny the importance of the services it provides.. "We are a full service business" says Bill. "We manufacture concrete septic tanks that we use on our own jobs, and also sell to other installers and do-it-yourselfers." Septic Tank Systems will provide as much or as little service as the customer requires. They're equally agreeable to take responsibility for the entire job or to just providing parts and advice as needed.



In 1999 Bill and Sandi decided to expand the business by offering a portable restroom service. they currently have 100 units available and are used at parks around town, the Goose Festival, at parties or on construction sites.

Bill is considered to be a "hands on" guy who enjoys working outdoors and helping people solve problems. When asked if he gets involved in the administrative part of the business he responds, "as little as I can!" That part of the business i handled by Sandi and their secretary, Donna Walker. Donna has been with STS for over ten years.

One look at the modifications Bill has made to his forklift and tractor/backhoe convinces you that he's an accomplished craftsman with things mechanical. "maintaining your equipment is an essential part of being in this kind of business", says Bill. "As a small business owner, you have to be a jack-of-all- trades."

STS is capable of doing underground work beyond installing and servicing septic systems. For example, in 2006 he and his crew installed an underground drainage system to eliminate huge puddles from accumulating on the playground at Discovery Elementary School. He does other small excavating jobs as well.

In talking with Bill, one comes away feeling that he is a man who takes great pride i his work and will go the extra mile to satisfy his customers. The Greater Fennville Chamber of Commerce is proud to have Septic Tank Systems as a member.


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A most unlikely spot for Bill. He's a hand's on guy who resists the administrative part of the business Bill with son Tyler, a sophomore at Grand Valley State University One of Bill's front loaders. Bill maintains and customizes his equipment for the specific tasks his business requires A specialized vehicle for hauling septic tank waste
A brand new concrete septic tank after being released from the steel mold A bird's eye view of Septic Tank Systems The truck is brand new here and has just been delivered. Trevor and Ashley, now college students, are shown on the side of the truck. A vehicle from days gone by. This one was owned and operated by Bill's father, Bob
In the early days, Bob Busscher
working on one of the vehicles