Tommie Giles, owner of Lakeside Electric stands alongside one of his vehicles.

Walk onto any darkened room in your home and what’s the first thing you do?  Flip the light switch, of course. We flip the switch and there is light. The act of flipping the switch is a reflex action with virtually no conscious thought on our part.

Few things in our lives are more taken for granted than our certainty that the light will go on when the switch is flipped. Electricity is such a fundamental part of our being that we scarcely give it a second thought – except, of course on the rare occasions when the power goes out.

Getting electricity to the homes and businesses in our community is the job of Consumer Electric Power Company. Making sure that electricity is safely routed throughout our homes and businesses is the job of small business owners like Tommie Giles of Lakeside Electric. With more than 26 years experience behind him, Master Electrician Tommie Giles serves both the residential and industrial/commercial electrical contracting needs of the greater Fennville area.

A true “native”, Tommie was born and raised in Fennville and graduated from Fennville High School in 1970. After serving two years in the army, he completed a training program at Lake Michigan College that started him on his career as an electrician. Completion of an apprentice program and further formal training resulted in Tommie earning his Master’s License and the opportunity to start his own business in 1980.

Tommie’s business, Lakeside Electric,  can handle any job from installing a light fixture over your kitchen sink to putting in the main service panel for a small factory. His heavy equipment includes bucket trucks, scissor lifts and trailers to meet industrial and commercial job requirements. 

“This community has been very good to me” says Tommie. “I’ve been able to earn a good living and stay within 25 miles of home.”  Tommie maintains relationships with other tradesman in the community such as Septic Tank Systems and McKellips construction. There is frequently a synergistic opportunity for these professionals to work together on some of the larger projects.    

I was smiling when I asked Tommie if he’d had anything to do with the recent power outage the entire Fennville area experienced. Tommie laughed and denied any responsibility claiming he was as surprised as the rest of us.

Tommie’s son Aaron is also a Master Electrician and works full time for a company in Holland. Erin helps his father on weekends when the workload permits.

So, next time you turn on a light switch, think about Tommie Giles and the service he and his colleagues provide for our community.