MaryAnn Moeller Day Marked with
Dedication of Heritage Trail Marker and
Opening of the Community Bulletin Board
Photos by Larry Cummins

MaryAnn Moeller prepares to cut the ribbon officially opening the Heritage Trail marker recently installed in the Green Space.
(l to r) Jim Suerth, Jim Lytle, Elice Menear, Mark Schrock and MaryAnn Moeller

Walla!  It's done.

                                         by MaryAnn Moeller
   The Allegan County Heritage Trail came from an all day brainstorming meeting in June 1999. Those attending were people in the tourist industry and representatives of the governmental units throughout the county.
John Pahl and Kit Lane brought the idea to the group and it was believed to be a good, doable project. The roads were in place and it would take a minimal amount of money to establish a trail. Jan Cushman from Otsego, volunteered to chair a committee and work began.
   Several approaches were discussed and many hours were spent surveying agriculture, craft and tourist related businesses. It was decided that it was not practical to have more than one hundred sites. We finally agreed that we should highlight the historic sites, towns, cities and special places of interest.
   Following many hours of driving different routes by Jan and others on the committee, a plan was formed. Funds from the Allegan County Tourist Consul allowed the hiring of professionals to assist in the production of the booklet and CD. These are available at all the libraries and at most village and city offices.
    The Allegan County Community Foundation donated $1,000.00 toward the printing of the booklets. The trail officially opened at the Iron Bridge in Allegan with a ribbon cutting in May 2003.
   Several people throughout the county recorded information to be put on the CD for driving instruction and information. More meetings were held to work on the style, content, size, color, placement and other details for the interpretive panels.
   The first one of fourteen panels was placed in the green space next to the post office in Fennville on June 7, 2007. The panel and placement was paid for by the Fennville Downtown Development Authority. It is hoped that all the panels will be installed by the end of July.
   This was a long process and I do not believe it could have been done without the dedication of Jan Cushman. Most meetings were held at her home and she always had a special lunch for all. There were many committee people who were a great help to her including Kevin Ricco of the Allegan County Tourist Consul and Bill Nelson of the Allegan County Road Commission.

John Pahl, longtime resident of Fennville and member of the Heritage Trail board, relates background stories to those attending the dedication. Jim Lytle prepares to cut the ribbon officially opening the new kiosk that will serve as the community bulletin board. (l to r) Elice Menear, Tony Morgan, Jim Lytle, Lisa Shaffer and Mark Schrock

Mark Schrock assists town treasurer Lisa Shaffer in posting the first notices on the community Kiosk.