Our new Mayor Dan Rastall is a true-blue Midwesterner. Born in Chicago and raised in NW Indiana, he and his family moved to Fennville in 2002. Dan and wife Lenore have five children; a daughter Cynthia, 17; son Tino, 15; daughter Christina, 13 and sons Tyger and Jaguar, both 6.

   He became involved in local government shortly after moving to Fennville serving first on the Planning Commission then eventually holding down a position on the City Council at the same time. After being elected Mayor in November, he resigned from his Planning Commission post to be able to devote the necessary time to his more demanding mayoral duties.

   Dan is the youngest mayor that Fennville has had in more than 25 years. That’s as far back as we were able to search the records.


   Dan works as the production manager in the specialties department at Shoreline Container, a full-service packaging company. “If it’s got something to do with packaging, we have it or we can make it” says Dan. He started at Shoreline as a hi-lo driver back in 1995. Over the years he advanced through several jobs and levels of management to his present position as production manager. “It’s a job I love” he says.     Dan sees many challenges as our new mayor. “I see the greatest challenge of our city commission is getting the funding for city services we would like to maintain and for the projects we would like to accomplish.” (Ed Note: That’s pretty much the same challenge most of us face I suppose -- too little money, too many needs.)

   What Dan most enjoys about his involvement with the city government is “doing my part to give back to the community. It’s great to work with some really caring people on the City Commission, the DDA and the Planning Commission.” 

   We all wish Dan the best of luck and offer our full support to him in his new position. Ώ