in the Greater Kalamazoo Area

Which scenario below best describes the administrative end of your small business?

           Chaotic and disorganized                                              Streamlined and efficient

I can help streamline your business by providing the following services:

● Bill Payment (tracking payables, printing checks, cash flow management)
● Receivables Management (invoicing customers, tracking inventory, processing payments)
● QuickBooks Reconciliations and Reporting (Income Statement, Balance Sheet)
● Payroll  Processing (daily, weekly, monthly)
● Sales Tax, Payroll Tax
● Bank and Credit Card Reconciliation

   As a small business owner youíve probably discovered that thereís much more to running your business than doing the things for which you have the expertise. Things like keeping records, payroll, tax reporting and a host of other administrative details often take up much of your valuable time Ė time that would be better spent exercising the unique set of skills that are the heart of what you offer to your customers.  Most small business owners find that the administrative side of their business takes up much more time than they ever anticipated. And for many of them, the administrative side isnít the fun part.

   Every business has to have some level of record keeping, much of it required by law. Sound business practices further require that you keep close tabs on expenses, income, payroll and inventory. You need to be alerted to past-due invoices. You have to be able to find answers to billing questions quickly and know which areas of the business are bringing in the profit and which ones are drains on your limited resources.   

   Time is money, as you well know. Your time is most profitably spent doing the things you  do best Ė exercising the specific skills you have to provide products or services to your customers.  Thatís where I can help you. Let me free you up to use those specific skills and maximize your profits. I can provide you with more than 25 different computer-generated reports, as needed, to keep your finger on the pulse of your business.

About Me  

   I have over 15 years experience as a bookkeeper for small businesses including non-profits. Iíve worked extensively with QuickBooks, which, as you may know, is the industry standard for bookkeeping software. I can provide whatever level of bookkeeping help you need ranging from organizing your books and training one of your in-house employees to taking over your bookkeeping functions completely, working from my home. Here's what I offer you:

            ●  more than 15 years bookkeeping experience
            ●  proficient with industry standard QuickBooks
            ●  ability to train your employees
            ●  available to come to your place of business (in the greater
                Kalamazoo area)
            ●  flexible services to meet your specific needs
            ●  free initial consultation to establish how I can help 

    Letís get together over coffee and discuss your needs and how I might add a new level of profitability to your company. Contact me by phone (269-657-8784) or by e-mail to arrange a free consultation.    

   I look forward to meeting you and becoming your small business partner.



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