Volunteerism:   the practice of people working on behalf of others or a particular cause without payment for their time and services.

Few realize the significant impact volunteers have on our community. They give of their time, talent and energy for the benefit of all who live here.

The Fennville Lions Club, the Chamber of Commerce, our scout troops, our city government and our schools -- these are some of the many groups that rely heavily on volunteers. Some depend exclusively on volunteers and couldn’t exist without them.  From the ranks of these organizations come the people who run the blood drives, the cancer fund raisers, the festivals and many more worthwhile and essential community causes and events.

One of the ways our community recognizes volunteers is through the annual Clifford E. Payne Volunteerism Award.  Anyone can nominate a person to receive this award.  All qualified nominees will receive a framed certificate of appreciation and a committee appointed by the school board will select one nominee to receive the Payne Award.

How many people do you know who volunteer in Fennville? I bet there are several. Here’s how you can thank them for the contributions they make to our community.  Go to the link below to present your nomination. It’ll take five minutes of your time and one click to submit the form. 

Recognizing and encouraging volunteerism is good for Fennville!